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Fiber. Friendship. Exceptional Service. Community. Inspiration. Education.


We love to discover independent and local dyers. It is so much fun to stop into yarn shops all around the country and see what all of these different artists have created.


Looking to expand your knitting needle set? We have an assortment of needles and hooks for any future or existing project.


Are you just beginning to knit or crochet? We have beginner essentials, knitting bags, yarn bowls and ball winders for you as well as for the seasoned knitter, crocheter, crochet artist, artist, artisan, fiber artist, crafter, maker, or a creator yarn art.

New Arrivals

We don’t just sell yarn; we are a comfortable shop were friends new and old get to knit and crochet.

Online Catalog

Online Catalog


By far the best LYS in San Diego county. They have an array of local indie dyers and the most kind and helpful staff! Lots of beautiful colors and a massive variety (especially if you're a sock knitter like me). I will be back to collect some more goodies for my ever expanding yarn stash!

Erika Michelle Mulgrew

Amazing selection, unique people and helpful staff. This shop is my cozy knitting hideout and my home away from home. They're willing to help you even if you have no idea what you want or even what you're talking about (in my case).

Lauren Stephens Melton

I've been to Yarning For You only once...the shop and shopkeepers are delightful and the place packed with inspiration!!! Definitely a destination for my next trip to California!

Cheryl Dawson Leach