Theodora's Pearls Fine Fibers

Theodora's Pearls Auxanometer, features Jennifer's exclusive Bamboo fingering weight yarn.Theodora's Pearls Auxanometer hand-dyed yarn is available in 50+ colorways!

Theodora's Pearls, hand-dyed yarn in unique, luxury fibers & unexpected colorways. Theodora's Pearls Auxanometer is created by fiber artist and teacher Jennifer Susannah Miller at her shop in Longmont, Colorado. Jennifer is a vibrant bold lady who is obsessed with purple and always has her pup by he side.

This Auxanometer line features exclusive bamboo hand-dyed yarn. For  merino wool/cashmere/nylon (MCN) blends take a look at the Theodora's Pearls MCN collection and colors.

Why Bamboo

Lots of reasons. It's incredible drape, it's lovely lustre - light and airy - its anti-bacterial properties make it great for babies, and it's moisture - wicking tendency makes it a great all-year fabric. Especially if you have animal-fiber sensitivities - this yarn makes perfect sense as an alternative to wool. This 5 ply stunner is hand dyed by a master, and every skein is a generous 400 yards! This is a fingering weight yarn. and would work well for a tank, or an openwork shawl.

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