I Love Handles Wrist Ruler - 15"

I Love Handles Wrist Ruler - 15"

I Love Handles

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The I Love Handles Wrist Ruler - 15" is a genuine leather wristband which is engraved with both inch and centimeter measurements and is designed to wrap around your wrist twice. 

You probably already have at least one leather bracelet in your collection because they look good on everyone, they're cool and they help make a statement. The one thing they don't do is serve any sort of purpose outside of looking cool... until now. When you need to measure something, just pop the stud closure, measure (twice!), then wrap it back around your wrist.

  • Perfect gift for crafters, sewing, knitting and DIY enthusiasts and those who generally like to measure
  • 15 inches
  • Real Leather with laser engraved Inch and Centimeter measurements
  • Wrap around wrist twice
  • These Leather Wrist Rulers are handcrafted in Portland, OR. 
  • Metal pin to fix and close securely
  • Smart metal tin for packaging

Packaged in a metal tin. Sizes for the I Love Handles Wrist Ruler - 15" are based on wrapping around your wrist twice. Give it extra length depending on how loosely you want to wear it. Please allow an extra 1/2 inch for the stud closure.

Made in the USA

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