Atenti Trunks Tall Caddy Bags

Atenti Trunks Tall Caddy Bags


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Superior construction and unique fabrics – we love the new Tall Caddy project bag from Atenti.

With plenty of internal pockets, and roomy storage, knitting projects will travel undercover fabulously in fake fur, tapestry, velvets and other unique fabric bag designs. From large overnighters to small coordinating knitting accessory pouches - tote your projects in the manner to which they should be accustomed! (Made in the USA)

“This stand-alone, carry around organizer is perfect to store and keep handy all your tools and notions. It’s fully lined and has four outside and four inside pockets with an ample center well and an ultra-suede handle. Measures: 10″w X 11″h X 6.5″d

A portion of the proceeds from the “Trunks” bag go to the Wildlife Conservation Network to help Save the Elephants.